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We stock up fittings for chemistry and petrochemical industry. Our range contains all current materials. We deliver high temperature- as well as low temperature- steel. We also deliver shaped castings in different dimensionen for various assembly technologies (for welding or screwed):

DIN-EN: St35.8, 16Mo3, 10CrMo9-10, 13CrMo4-5, TTSt35N

  • Elbows acc. to DIN 2605, 90° and 180°,
  • Tees acc. to DIN 2615, also with reduced tee
  • Reducers acc. to DIN 2616, conc. and ecc.
  • Caps acc. to DIN 2617
  • Welding saddles acc. to DIN 2618

ASTM / ASME: WPB, WP3, WP5, WP9, WP11, WP12, WP22, WP91, WPL6

  • Elbows acc. to ANSIrB16.9 (LR), B16.28 (SR)
  • Tees acc. to ANSI B16.9
  • Reducers acc. to ANSI B16.9
  • Caps acc. to ANSI B16.9
  • Welding saddles acc. to ANSI B16.9